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Villages, Paths, Roads and Motorways

Economic Baselines

Health Baselines

School/Student monitoring

Sanitation & Toilets

Water & Amenities


Oral Cancer Screening

HIV, TB Monitoring

Anaemia / Malnutrition monitoring

Pregnant Mothers monitoring


Pharmaceuticals inspection

Mobile Towers inspection

Building inspection

Realtime Surveys


GIS Data collection

Field Data collection

Research Projects

Route Mapping


PoiMapper Mobile Data Collection and Monitoringpoimapper0

Collect and share accurate GIS location based information in real-time with your mobile device.

Learn why over 150 NGO's and Firms have trusted and used Poimapper

What can you Collect

  • Complex Forms (Text, Numeric, Single/Multi Select, Tables, Child Forms)
  • High Resolution Pictures / Images
  • GPS information
  • Use your Mobile without a SIM Card
  • Upload data using your existing broadband connection
  • Upload data using GPRS / 3G

PoiMapper Components

  • Mobile Client (Symbian, J2ME, Android)
  • Desktop Client (Windows / MAC)
  • Web Portal with Maps interface
  • Authoring Tool
  • Administration Tool
  • Private Database for each customer - No shared data
  • Regular data backups, server monitoring

What about Open Source solutions - We believe strongly in Open Source : But ...

  • Existing Open Source solutions are tedious to deploy, take time to learn, are not easily customized, and rely on forum based support
  • Complex features are not support
  • Limited Mobile platform support
  • Data security not guaranteed

What is PoiMapperPoimapperMap

PoiMapper is a mobile GIS data collection and sharing solution envisioned by Dr. Pertti Lounamaa developed by Pajat Finland for affordable GPS-enabled feature phones and Android devices. PoiMapper makes fieldwork more efficient, reliable and improves the capability to plan and monitor field activities. It is suitable for commercial use to ease decision making and future planning by enhancing workforce monitoring and internal communication. Development programs focusing on topics such as health, education and agriculture will also benefit from the solution.

With PoiMapper it is possible to:

  • Define points-of-interest (POIs), routes and areas with associated data
  • Data can be of multiple types: text, numbers, single and multiple choice alternatives, or conditional sub-questions
  • Create customized forms with form builder tool
  • Multimedia: capture pictures or tag audio notes to POIs
  • Collect data with affordable lower-end mobile phones, smartphones and tablets with GPS and camera
  • Upload data directly to a central database over the cellular network or via an internet-connected computer
  • Edit existing data downloaded directly onto the mobile phone during follow-up visits
  • Complete back-office reporting and analysis tools
  • Visualize the collected data over the internet, layered on digital maps such as Google Maps, OpenStreetMap and ESRI ArcGIS

Read how Biocon Foundation are using PoiMapper in their Early Preventiion Oral Cancer Screening Project





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