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Special edition in Croatian: Chapter 13 Volume 052 P. 224 - 249

Neurobehavioral Controls and Potential Measurement


Potentiality Assessment

NCPM is a test devised to measure the versatility of a professional mind in Further analysis shows the potentiality of the user in the following areas:








The test provides 40 situations to the user and each situation is provided with multiple options.

The user rates each option in terms of agreement – non-agreement with the option.     The answers are analyzed to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the individual in the above domains.


Further analysis shows the potentiality of the user in the following areas:

Goal Directed and Action Orientation, Adaptability, Pro-activeness

Focused, Team Sharing, Work Completion

Critical Thinking, Problem Solving,

Risk Taking, Conflict Confrontation

Self Expression, Openness, Discretion

Empathy, Sociability, Cooperation

Leadership, Self-Dependence



The test is based on the principle that there are two brain control systems, which determine the responses and actions of an individual.  

The test measures the strength of each of these control principles in the individual in the different areas cited above.  

  1. One is an environmental interactive system, which is involved in the different aspects of social conditioning of the individual. The acceptance of such control is essential for a person to become socially relevant and acceptable. The controls may origin from family, society, government, and organizations.        
  2. The second control is the result of complex motor programming in the brain, which facilitates personal growth, acquisition, and expression/ utilization of skills.         This control system is needed for all types personal achievements of an individual and hence is directly linked to personal growth.

The test is presented by computer

Duration of the test: about 1 hour